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Two questions to ask yourself this summer


I’ve just come back from a lovely weekend of music, friends and family – an annual tradition and a special time to catch up with one another, away from it all.

The drama of getting the tents up is well worth it once you sit back to contemplate life

There’s nothing like camping to get life in perspective. The drama of getting the tents up is well worth the effort once we’ve opened the wine and sat down to contemplate life and enjoy the easy company and fond teasing of old and dear friends, while looking up at a starry night.

So, wherever you’re going over the summer, here are some questions to ask yourself while away:

1) What matters most to me? What am I thankful for? What and who do I want to make more time for?

2) What do I want to take home from my holiday? How can I keep the relaxed, sense of humour, live in the moment perspective when I’m back home and at work?

3) What can I treasure? From watching my good friend struggling to put the pop up tent back in the bag to the gentle old barman with the smiling eyes, is there a memory that will bring a smile to your face? Treasure this and the best of your holiday can stay with you for months (if not years) to come.


Wishing you success and happiness.


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