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What can GBBO teach us about stepping up?

Image: BBC One

Image: BBC One

Her characterful expressions and self deprecating manner may have made audiences fall in love with her, but there’s a lot more to be learned from Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.

From coming last in the first week’s technical bake to being crowned winner in this year’s final, here are 3 things we can learn from Nadiya’s journey:

1. Focus on excellence – 

When Mary Berry calls your baking “sheer perfection” you’re clearly doing something right. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. After her early set-back, Nadiya went from strength to strength, taking nothing for granted and wooing the judges and the public with her commitment to excellence.

2. Trust your gut feeling – 

Nadiya’s floating soda can cake & unusual ingredients may have made the judges anxious but Nadiya wisely trusted her judgement (and her kids’ feedback) with her unique and inspired creations.

3. Allow yourself to feel proud –  

It was wonderful to see Nadiya’s confidence build through the series. Take a leaf out of her book: find your own opportunities (big or small) to do what you’re great at and get the recognition you deserve. Then use your successes to strengthen your self belief – this will encourage you on to greater challenges.

What do you think? Did you tune in and watch Nadiya grow in confidence from week to week?

If you can identify with her and would like to be more confident, my Step Up workshop could be just what you’re looking for.

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