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Managing Procrastination

A few weeks ago, I was helping secondary school staff explore how to start the school year well by making the very best use of their time.

Managing procrastination is one of the barriers to effective time management. We know what we should be doing, but for all sorts of reasons we put it off.

When this happens, ask yourself, ‘Why?’, then you can take action.

If it’s unpleasant or boring:

photo: Alexandra Nahum via Flickr

photo: Alexandra Nahum via Flickr

  • delegate if if you can (someone else might like it!). If this isn’t possible
  • make it your first task of the day
  • give yourself a deadline and keep going, ignoring distractions,
  • then reward yourself.

If it’s overwhelming:

  • break it down into a plan with manageable steps/tasks,
  • get help; talk it through with someone,
  • start with some quick, easy tasks to get going.

If there are too many distractions:

  • block out specific times in your diary,
  • find somewhere to work where you won’t be interrupted,
  • avoid checking emails and only answer urgent calls.

photo: Rachel Fished via Flickr

photo: Rachel Fished via Flickr

If you think someone else should be doing it:

  • take some time to discuss how you are feeling.
  • then you can either hand it over
  • or accept that it’s yours and get started.

Wishing you success and happiness as you practise positive time management habits.


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