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Find Your Voice, Find Your Power


Let me ask you…

  • Do you dread giving presentations?
  • Do you have problems speaking up in meetings?
  • Do you often find yourself being interrupted or talked over?
  • Do you freeze in conflict situations or when challenged?
  • Do you hate being filmed?
  • Are these or similar things holding you back from stepping up in your career?

If any of the above apply, then this transformational programme is for you!

I’m delighted to be partnering with trainer, coach and psychotherapist Hannah Jackson to deliver this powerful course.

Programme elements:

  • 1-day workshop (max 8 people)
  • One to one sessions to address your specific requirements with our team of experts.


The 1-day workshop will:

  • Explore what holds you back from speaking and being heard
  • Identify the key ingredients for personal impact and effective self-presentation
  • Offer voice coaching and posture tips and practical exercises
  • Present techniques for managing nerves
  • Provide a safe, supportive environment for you to practise unlocking your unique voice

After the workshop, we will design a tailor-made package to support you in finding and fully using your voice.

You will be able to work, according to your needs, with experts in:

  • Public speaking
  • Voice projection
  • Alexander Technique
  • Phobia and trauma
  • Speech writing and message development
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (reframing limiting language and thought patterns)
  • Career and leadership coaching
  • Managing conflict situations
  • Effective communication in meetings


Your programme instructors:




Spaces are limited, so to register your interest please email

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