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Stepping Up

Stepping Up

Are you in a work rut?

Do you want more from your career?

Are you prepared to invest some time and energy to make change happen?


This programme gives you a unique opportunity to assess your current situation and plan your career goals. You will build skills and confidence and a strong network to support you as you take action! Days 1 & 2 are consecutive; Day 3 follows after a 6-week break to give an opportunity for you to get serious and start working on your career actions.


By the end of this programme, you will have:

Recognised and valued your individual skills and achievements

Clarified goals for the future

Practised presenting yourselves with impact

Identified positive networks for managing your careers

Taken the plunge and started working on your next move


Day 1:  Step back and take stock

Where am I? Reflections on career to date

What are my strengths? Skills audit

What do I want?  Goal setting


Day 2:  Step up and take control

Being proactive and taking personal responsibility

Developing assertiveness

Identifying and addressing limiting beliefs

Action planning for next steps


Session 3:  Make it happen and keep it going

Reviewing progress against actions

Building personal impact and presence

Strategies for tackling barriers and for staying motivated

Identifying support networks

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