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Are you Resilient?

The European referendum in June means a period of uncertainty and the possibility of significant changes for many individuals and businesses. Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege to work with a number of teams in City Hall to help them prepare for the changes that will come with a new Mayor and political leadership.

Staff know they will have a new Mayor but they don’t know who it will be or exactly what it will mean for them. Will current projects be scrapped, or expanded? Will teams be cut, roles changed, budgets re-directed?

Change can be unsettling. When we face periods of transition and uncertainty, the important thing to focus on is developing our personal resilience: our ability to keep strong and to bounce back quickly when faced with adversity.

Becoming Resilient: The 3 C’s

In her book, ‘The Hardy Personality’, Suzanne Korbasa describes 3 Cs that characterise ‘hardy’ people:

1. Commitment

Resilient people commit to and are guided by a set of core values, giving them a sense of purpose and meaning in good times and bad. The recent Hillsborough verdict illustrates this and is a testimony to the grieving families who persisted over 27 years, inspired by a belief that in the end justice and truth would prevail.

TIP: spend more time with resilient people to observe how unwavering they are to their core values

2. Control

‘Hardy’ people have a sense that there are things they can do. They find ways to influence and shape their future wherever they can and experience less stress than those who feel helpless victims of events.

TIP: Take action by putting your energy into things you can influence

3. Challenge

Resilient people don’t expect life to stay the same. They see change – whether welcome or not – as an opportunity for personal challenge, learning and growth.

TIP: Challenge yourself to be flexible; create options for every situation rather than fearing the worst

In a period where change is imminent, it’s easy to feel unsettled, but with change there is the possibility for better outcomes. Stay focused on your resilience and you’ll be able to deal with any changes that unfold.

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